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Guest Motors in Peterborough

New safer, level, and harder wearing floors

Their workshop on the Peterborough site specialises in HGV truck repairs and servicing. This is a tough environment for floors. Heavy lifting equipment, loaded tool trolleys, jacks and booms take their toll on flooring, as do fuels, grease, oils and chemicals.

Like many workshops, they had used many types of mortars, concrete fillers, and painted floor products with little success in protecting their floors and joints from damage, leaving the floors uneven and dangerous.

After demonstrating the superior qualities of the Trazcon resin systems for joint repairs and new floor solutions, they opted for the Variant 2mm SL system, offering a tough, durable, seamless floor with high resistance to chemical attack and a much longer lifespan than traditional painted floors. Slip resistance and safety is high and maintenance requirements are low.

The 110m workshop area was completed on a Sunday and ready for full HGV traffic on Monday.