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Fine Lady Bakeries in Banbury

New state-of-the-art bread production

FLB have been working with us for the past 4-5 years utilising our innovative approach to fast track and effective floor repairs and slip resistance upgrades. This project was to convert an old bakery unit into a state-of-the-art bread production facility for a major retail store, creating tens of thousands of loaves each day.

The existing 1,000m2 floor was a combination of damaged concrete, delaminated polyurethane screed and old Quiligotti tiles, all on slightly different levels with damaged joints and cracks all over the place. The challenge was to install the floors in 8 distinct phases allowing follow on trades using heavy lifting equipment to access the new floors to start building the new ovens and process systems the following day.

This called for careful planning with the client and other contractors, plus extensive preparation works and repairs before the new quartz based PMMA fast curing resin floors were laid. Everything was completed and handed over to the client on time and within the agreed cost structure.

It is a testament to the strength, durability and high-performance qualities of the Décor quartz system that no damage was sustained to the new floors during the remaining oven construction and commissioning.