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As promised, here’s the information you want to transform the look and performance of your garage floors, either as a DIY project or having us do it for you. Please click the appropriate link above.

Done for you option


If you’d like Gemstone to do the job for you, here’s some things to consider.

  • Durability, robustness and longevity

  • Slip resistant or smooth finish

  • Plain colour or decorative appearance

  • Warranty or no warranty

  • Completed and ready in a single day or ready in 4-5 days

  • The quality of the final appearance and finish

Flooring systems available with relative pros and cons

Epoxy Coatings

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Prices from £900 for single garage


High Gloss Finish

Relatively Inexpensive

Medium durability

Anti-slip available

Good choice of colours

Good wear resistance in the first 4-5 years


Slow drying times (12-24 hours to dry between coats and 5 days full cure)

No warranty from the manufacturer

Will require a recoat in approx. 4-5 years depending on wear and tear

Only a thin coating (less than 1mm), so will show irregularities in the floor surface

Limited odour during installation

Fast Cure MMA Resin System

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Prices from £1400 for single garage


High Quality Decorative Finish with paint flakes

Good quality matt finish with plain colours

Fast curing system, complete and ready for you in just a day

Very robust and durable

5-year manufacturer’s warranty

2-3mm thickness that shows less irregularities in the floor for better overall appearance and improved wear resistance

Floors generally last for 15-20 years depending on how they are used


More expensive than epoxy coatings

Strong ‘acrylic’ odour whilst wet (last for approx. 1 hour after fully cured)

All we need from you is the approximate size of your garage floor (metres width and depth) and we can price up the type of floor based on the system that suits you best.

Give us a call today or leave us a message on our contact form and we will be in touch.